The elephant shoot shows what a photo can look like directly from the camera and how I work with it in post production. The photo goes through some level adjustments, sharpening and also vignetting before the clean up starts using the heal tool. 

To this photo I added a nostalgia filter to give it its unique look to bring out more warmth and a dreamy shine. Most often I stop after the first contrast toning and leave the photos with a more "realistic" light. The last step this photo went through was cropping. 

The order of the steps aren't always the same since every photo needs its own adjustments if I'm not working with a batch of photos.

Click here for the final result.

In the wind is a more traditional "Petri" edited photo. They go through an initial level adjustment and sharpening when converted from raw.

When jpeg(ed) I cleaned it from some specks and lunch around the lips and ran a tonal contrast and just a hint of skin smoothing.

The last thing was to darken the corner to make the face in the middle pop! This photo didn't need cropping.

Click here for the final result.

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